***Start Your Own Children’s Hands and Feet Ceramic Impression Business with a DVD Training Series. Over 5 HOURS of step-by-step instruction.(Find out more)

Also available - Small Group Training and One-on-One Training course for starting your own Ceramic Impression Business.

Welcome to "Littlefeet Imprints" mommy studio. We specialize in creating beautiful hands and feet ceramic impressions. Our designs vary from a traditional elegant design to a classic surfboard, airplane, butterfly, train, or other custom design.
All ceramic plaques are created with non-toxic clay that is safe for any age, even your little newborn. Although we recommend capturing your child's impressions before their 2nd month, impressions may be taken at any age. Your little-ones grow up so fast that you will cherish their hands/feet impressions in clay forever. Capture a memory that will last a lifetime.  The type of clay and process used is much different than is used in kits sold at stores. The clay that we use requires firing in a kiln and professional quality glaze.

ur process is simple. You choose the design. We take your child's impressions in our soft clay. Then we take it back to our studio where we create the final design, fire and glaze. Your child's precious finished keepsake will be ready within 6-8 weeks.

hat is unique about "Littlefeet Imprints" is that each ceramic impression will be a beautiful piece of art. I make each plaque myself to ensure that they are all high quality. Only high quality clay is used and plaques are made thick for durability. We have many unique color selections and plaque styles.

We also offer specials for mommy groups, store imprints events and other special events.

Gift certificates are available and make the perfect baby gift!(Find out more).

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Littlefeet Imprints
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Irvine, California

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